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Funding Pips stands out with its unique approach to funded trading. It offers a comprehensive evaluation program tailored to traders at every level, from beginners to experts. This program recognizes that true expertise takes time, dedication, and continuous learning—it’s not something that can be rushed.

For traders at Funding Pips, trading is more than just about profits. It’s a journey of growth, gaining experience, and most importantly, empowerment. The road to becoming a top trader is full of both challenges and victories. Funding Pips supports its traders every step of the way, ensuring they are well-equipped to succeed.

In this review, we’ll dive deep into what makes Funding Pips different. We will examine how transparent and secure they are, and how their unique evaluation program surpasses what other trading platforms provide. We’ll see how Funding Pips helps traders not just survive, but thrive in the competitive world of financial trading.

Whether you’re an experienced trader looking for new strategies or you’re new to the trading world, read our comprehensive Funding Pips review today to get a solid understand of whether they are a legitimate prop firm.

Company Background and Overview

Company Background and Overview Funding Pips

Funding Pips is a new and exciting name in the world of financial trading. Launched in 2022 and based in Dubai, this proprietary trading firm is quickly making its mark. Positioned in a city known for its dynamic business environment, Funding Pips stands out by offering a trading platform that’s not only innovative but also transparent and easy to navigate.

With a mission to help traders overcome financial hurdles, Funding Pips partners with Black Bull Markets, a well-regarded broker. This collaboration aims to enhance the trading experience for everyone who uses their platform. The firm operates from the IFZA Business Park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which underscores its global ambitions and commitment to providing a secure trading environment that appeals to traders worldwide.

Under the leadership of CEO Khaled Ayesh, Funding Pips is all about excellence and growth. Although more specifics about Khaled Ayesh might be shared later, his leadership highlights the firm’s dedication to supporting traders at various stages of their careers.

Funding Pips prides itself on being at the forefront of trading technology, offering traders access to a broad spectrum of markets including forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. This diversity ensures that there’s something for every type of trader.

Evaluation Program and Account Options

Evaluation Program and Account Options Funding Pips

Funding Pips is all about helping traders grow and succeed. At the core of their approach is the innovative Evaluation Program. This program is carefully crafted to assess and develop traders’ skills. It’s a clear sign of Funding Pips’ dedication to nurturing talent and providing a structured path for aspiring traders to refine their skills.

The program includes a variety of Evaluation Program Account Options, which are designed to meet the needs of traders at different experience levels and with different attitudes toward risk. These accounts are a stepping stone for traders to demonstrate their skills and progress to funded trading.

Account Sizes and Pricing

Funding Pips offers a tiered Evaluation Program with various account sizes and pricing to suit different levels of experience and trading goals. Here’s a simple breakdown of the options:

  • $5,000 Account: For just $32, this entry-level account is perfect for traders who want to test their skills without a big commitment.
  • $10,000 Account: At $60, this account lets traders aim a bit higher but still keep risk in check.
  • $25,000 Account: For $139, this option gives traders more capital to work with and a chance to flex their trading muscles.
  • $50,000 Account: Priced at $239, this account is great for experienced traders ready to handle larger trades.
  • $100,000 Account: At $399, this is the top-tier account, offering substantial capital for seasoned traders looking to showcase their expertise.

Evaluation Phases

Funding Pips’ Evaluation Program is divided into two main phases, each crafted to test a trader’s consistency, skill, and ability to manage risk.

Phase One

In the first phase, traders aim to make an 8% profit, but they have to be careful not to exceed a 5% loss in any single day or a total loss of 10%. One of the perks of this phase is that there’s no set number of trading days required, so traders can work at their own pace.

Phase Two

The second phase continues to challenge traders by setting a profit goal of 5%. The rules for losses remain the same as in the first phase, and just like before, traders can choose how quickly or slowly they want to trade since there are no strict trading day requirements.

This approach allows traders the flexibility to showcase their trading skills without the pressure of a ticking clock.

Scaling Plan

As traders move through the evaluation phases at Funding Pips, they have the opportunity to grow their accounts through the Scaling Plan. This plan is all about rewarding good performance; the better a trader does, the bigger their account can get with each successful payout.

Funded Account

Funding Pips also has a generous profit-sharing structure. Depending on their success, traders can take home between 80% to 90% of the profits they make. This is designed to directly reward traders for their achievements in the market.

Profit Sharing and Payouts

Funding Pips is all about giving traders the tools they need to succeed. At the heart of their services is a user-friendly, feature-rich trading platform designed to make trading smooth and effective. This platform ensures traders have everything they need to carry out their strategies effortlessly.

Trading Platform and Instruments

Trading Platform and Instruments Funding Pips

Funding Pips is all about giving traders the tools they need to succeed. At the heart of their services is a user-friendly, feature-rich trading platform designed to make trading smooth and effective. This platform ensures traders have everything they need to carry out their strategies effortlessly.

Trading Platform

Funding Pips uses the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform, a top choice in the trading world known for its superior charting, wide range of technical analysis tools, and user-friendly interface. This makes it perfect for both new and seasoned traders.

MT5 offers a host of features such as customizable charts, an extensive selection of technical indicators, real-time market updates, and various types of orders. Its flexibility is a big plus—whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you can access your account and trade from anywhere, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Trading Instruments

Funding Pips understands the value of having a diverse portfolio and offers a wide range of trading instruments to suit different trading strategies. Traders can dive into the forex market with a broad selection of currency pairs.

Forex Pairs

Whether it’s major pairs capturing the world’s largest economies, minor pairs offering slightly less liquidity, or exotic pairs that tap into emerging markets, there’s plenty to choose from. This allows traders to take advantage of global economic trends and geopolitical shifts.


For those interested in commodities, Funding Pips provides access to trade in precious metals like gold and silver, as well as energy commodities such as crude oil. This variety lets traders hedge or take advantage of different market conditions.


The platform also includes a selection of global indices, which enables traders to speculate on the performance of the world’s major stock markets, from Wall Street to Tokyo.


Additionally, recognizing the burgeoning interest in digital currencies, Funding Pips offers the opportunity to trade popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. This adds an exciting, modern element to the traditional trading options available.

Leverage and Trading Conditions

Funding Pips offers up to 1:100 leverage, giving traders the ability to significantly increase their market exposure. While this can boost potential profits, it’s important to remember that leverage also raises the risk of losses. Traders are encouraged to use leverage wisely to keep risks manageable.

The trading conditions at Funding Pips are designed for a smooth trading experience. Traders have access to various order types like market orders, limit orders, and stop orders, which allow them to tailor their trading actions to fit their strategies. Tools such as real-time market data, price alerts, and economic calendars help traders stay informed and make decisions at the right time.

Risk Management and Trading Rules

Risk Management and Trading Rules Funding Pips

Funding Pips places a strong emphasis on effective risk management to ensure a secure trading environment. In the fast-paced world of online trading, it’s crucial to protect traders from potential risks and uncertainties. To do this, Funding Pips has put in place various risk management measures and trading rules.

At the heart of these measures are maximum loss limits. These limits act as a safeguard, preventing traders from losing a large portion of their capital in a single day or across all trades. For example, Funding Pips sets a maximum daily loss limit of 5% and a total loss limit of 10%. These rules help prevent major financial setbacks and maintain some financial stability for traders.

Another key tool is the trailing stop loss, which helps traders secure profits as prices move in their favor. This feature is crucial for preserving capital and minimizing losses.

The trading rules at Funding Pips are also designed to promote responsible trading. Every funded account must have a stop loss for each position, encouraging traders to manage risks proactively. The firm also prohibits risky strategies like martingale and hedging, due to their potential for significant losses.

Traders should also be cautious with third-party copy trading and expert advisors (EAs). While these tools can be useful, they come with risks and could lead to violations of capital allocation rules if not managed properly.

Funding Pips encourages consistent and disciplined trading by setting specific profit targets during its evaluation phases. This structure not only fosters traders’ growth but also ensures they trade thoughtfully.

Transparency is a key part of Funding Pips’ approach. The firm ensures that traders have all the necessary information about their trades, profits, and losses, helping them make well-informed decisions and fine-tune their strategies.

Lastly, traders at Funding Pips enjoy the flexibility of trading without strict time constraints during the evaluation phases. This allows them to focus on the quality of their trades rather than worrying about meeting arbitrary quotas.

Overall, Funding Pips’ comprehensive risk management and trading rules aim to create a safe trading environment where traders can thrive while effectively managing risks.

Trader Experience and Payouts

Trader Experience and Payouts Funding Pips

Funding Pips is dedicated to making the trading experience as smooth and user-friendly as possible. Traders can easily navigate through the evaluation process, access essential information, and execute trades without hassle, all of which contribute to a positive trading journey.

The company’s approach to payouts shows its commitment to rewarding traders for their hard work. Once traders successfully complete the evaluation phases and hit the required profit targets, they are eligible for payouts. Funding Pips makes sure these earnings are delivered promptly and straightforwardly.

One standout feature of Funding Pips is the weekly payout cycle, which allows traders to receive their earnings regularly. This helps maintain financial stability and flexibility. Traders can expect their first payout just seven days after they make their first trade on their funded account, with subsequent payouts continuing every week. This consistency gives traders steady access to their profits.

Traders within the Funding Pips ecosystem also benefit from a fair profit sharing structure. Depending on the profits they generate from trading, they can keep between 80% to 90% of their earnings. This generous split not only boosts traders’ take-home pay but also adds to the allure of trading with Funding Pips.

Moreover, Funding Pips is committed to transparency and clear communication. Traders can track their progress and view key data through an organized trading dashboard. This openness ensures that traders have immediate insights into their performance, allowing them to make informed decisions about their trades.

As traders move from the evaluation phase to fully funded trading, Funding Pips continues to prioritize an exceptional trading experience. Through regular payouts, competitive profit sharing, and transparent reporting, the firm makes sure that traders feel valued and rewarded for their efforts.

Comparison with Other Prop Firms

When looking at proprietary trading firms, it’s crucial to see how Funding Pips compares to others in the market. Here’s a straightforward rundown of what makes Funding Pips stand out:

Evaluation Program: Funding Pips uses a unique two-phase evaluation program that requires traders to meet specific profit targets while keeping within set loss limits. This method is different from some other firms that might only have a single evaluation phase, often with tougher profit targets and no phased support.

Profit Split: At Funding Pips, traders can earn between 80% to 90% of the profits, which is quite generous. This is often better than many other firms, where the profit split can vary from 75% to 95%.

Trading Objectives: The profit targets at Funding Pips are realistic—8% in Phase 1 and 5% in Phase 2—designed to be achievable and supported by flexible loss limits. This contrasts with some firms that set higher and potentially less attainable targets with stricter rules.

Trading Days: One of the great things about Funding Pips is the absence of strict trading day requirements during the evaluation phases. This flexibility allows traders to operate according to their own strategy and market conditions, unlike other firms that may require a minimum number of trading days, restricting trader flexibility.

Payout Frequency: Funding Pips offers weekly payouts, giving traders quicker access to their earnings compared to other firms that might pay monthly. This helps support traders’ financial stability.

Equity Scaling: As traders succeed in the evaluation program at Funding Pips, they can see their trading equity increase through a structured scaling plan. This kind of growth opportunity isn’t always available at other firms, which may not offer such clear paths for increasing trading capital.

Transparency and Reporting: Funding Pips provides a detailed trading dashboard that offers transparent reporting and real-time updates on a trader’s progress. This level of clarity is often higher than what’s available at other firms, where traders might not get as much information about their performance.

Overall, Funding Pips sets itself apart with its focus on realistic and fair trading conditions, transparent practices, and a supportive environment that’s designed to help traders succeed. This makes it an appealing option in the world of proprietary trading.

Realistic Capitalisation and Success Factors

Realistic Capitalisation and Success Factors Funding Pips

Funding Pips stands out in the world of proprietary trading for several key reasons, focusing on realistic goals and a supportive environment for traders to thrive. Unlike some firms that require high initial capital and set steep profit expectations, Funding Pips offers more attainable capitalization options. This approach reduces undue pressure and aligns with profit targets that traders are more likely to achieve.

In terms of profit targets, Funding Pips sets sensible goals: 8% for Phase 1 and 5% for Phase 2. This strategy allows traders to aim for consistent and sustainable gains, contrasting with other firms that might set overly ambitious targets that can be difficult to meet regularly.

Risk management is a central part of Funding Pips’ strategy. The firm sets clear limits on daily and total losses to protect traders from significant downturns. This careful control helps create a responsible trading environment, which is something not all firms emphasize.

The equity scaling plan at Funding Pips rewards traders for their success. As traders prove their skills and achieve their targets, they receive incremental increases in their trading capital. This not only motivates traders to maintain high performance but also helps them grow steadily over time.

Funding Pips is also serious about teaching effective risk management. It requires all traders to use stop-loss orders and prohibits risky strategies like the martingale or hedging. This policy stands in contrast to some other firms that might not enforce such protective measures, putting traders at greater risk.

Support is another strong point for Funding Pips. Traders have access to a well-organized trading dashboard, a supportive community, and various educational resources. This level of support is more comprehensive than what some other firms provide, enhancing the overall trading experience.

The range of tradable instruments at Funding Pips—forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies—offers diverse opportunities for traders. This variety helps traders gain experience in different markets and better navigate the trading world.

Lastly, Funding Pips’ profit split is very competitive, ranging from 80% to 90%. This generous share is higher than many other firms, making it an attractive place for traders looking to maximize their earnings.

Overall, Funding Pips’ commitment to realistic capitalization, supportive policies, comprehensive risk management, and robust trader support makes it an excellent choice for those looking to succeed in proprietary trading.

Social Media and Support

Social Media and Support Funding Pips

In today’s world, being connected online is crucial, and Funding Pips makes the most of this by having a strong presence on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Discord. This active engagement helps traders keep up with the latest updates, announcements, and success stories within the Funding Pips community.

Through its social media strategy, Funding Pips creates an interactive environment where traders can connect, share insights, and collaborate on strategies. This sense of community encourages traders to exchange ideas and knowledge, contributing to everyone’s growth and learning.

When it comes to customer support, Funding Pips is dedicated to providing prompt and effective help. While it doesn’t offer live chat, traders can reach out via email or through their vibrant Discord channel. The firm’s FAQ page is also a treasure trove of information, covering everything from policies to the details of the evaluation process.

The Discord channel is especially valuable for real-time interaction. It’s a place where traders can quickly connect with peers, mentors, and the support team, making it easy to get advice, clear up any confusion, and share experiences as they happen. This platform fosters a sense of belonging and mutual support among the community.

Discord also hosts live sessions where traders can join discussions, workshops, and get expert insights, creating a rich learning environment. This interaction helps traders improve their skills and deepen their understanding of various trading strategies.

On YouTube, Funding Pips shares video testimonials from successful traders. These videos not only celebrate their achievements but also give insight into their strategies and offer practical tips. This transparency builds trust and shows potential traders what they can achieve.

Alongside these digital interactions, Funding Pips provides a range of educational resources like a comprehensive trading dashboard and detailed guides. These tools are designed to help traders excel in the evaluation program and refine their trading and risk management skills.

Traders can access a wealth of knowledge through Funding Pips’ social media and support. They can also interact with a community of like-minded individuals. Additionally, they can receive expert guidance from the platform. Funding Pips provides a supportive and interactive platform for traders to confidently start their funded trading journey with reliable support.


Conclusion Funding Pips

Navigating the complex world of trading requires more than just a solid strategy; it needs a platform that both protects your dreams and boosts your growth. Funding Pips stands out as a genuine, trustworthy prop firm that offers a transformative journey built on trust, integrity, and progress.

At the heart of Funding Pips is an innovative evaluation program that guides traders from beginners to seasoned pros through a two-phase process. This program helps you set achievable profit goals and limits on losses. It prepares you for trading forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies in the funded phase. This variety not only enriches your trading options but also enhances your chances for success.

But Funding Pips is more than just a trading platform; it’s a philosophy of responsible trading. Strict adherence to trading rules and loss limits helps manage risks, allowing you to grow your skills safely. This commitment, coupled with clear transparency and effective scam detection, highlights Funding Pips’ dedication to securing your trading journey.

A vital part of Funding Pips’ approach is its strong support network. Its active social media community fosters a space for sharing experiences and insights. Platforms like YouTube and Discord offer direct access to expert advice, success stories, and connections that enrich your trading experience.

In an industry often plagued by dubious promises and scams, Funding Pips offers a refreshing, authentic approach to trading. By setting achievable profit targets and focusing on solid risk management, Funding Pips truly supports your success.

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