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Navigating the world of Forex trading can be difficult when it comes to selecting the ideal prop firm trading company. Among the options available, two firms that consistently distinguish themselves in this space are SurgeTrader and FTMO, each presenting distinctive features that cater to a wide spectrum of traders.

Read on for some comparisons between these two trading firms. We can help you make a well-informed decision regarding which one aligns best with your specific trading requirements.

What Is SurgeTrader?

SurgeTrader is one of the biggest players in this ever-evolving industry. SurgeTrader distinguishes itself through its innovative approach and unique offerings. The groundbreaking one-step evaluation program provides traders with a distinctive opportunity.

SurgeTrader offers a range of options tailored to traders at various stages of their journey. Their advanced software equips traders with the tools needed to make well-informed decisions.

One of SurgeTrader’s standout features is its evaluation program, which provides a clear path for traders to demonstrate their trading skills and secure funding.

Exceptional customer service and support mechanisms are pivotal to a trader’s experience. SurgeTrader places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, promptly addressing queries and concerns through dedicated channels.

In the world of trading, security and regulation are of paramount importance. SurgeTrader’s commitment to these principles is evident through its partnerships and strict adherence to regulations, fostering trust among traders.

What Is FTMO?

FTMO offers traders a unique two-step evaluation process, setting it apart from other proprietary trading firms in the industry.

The safety of traders’ capital is a paramount concern for FTMO, and they prioritize this by implementing rigorous risk management.

FTMO’s mission and vision are essential for gaining a deeper understanding of what sets them apart in the competitive world of funded trading. From profit-sharing arrangements to access to top-tier trading tools and resources, FTMO creates a supportive environment for traders to thrive.

Whether you are a seasoned trader or just beginning your journey, understanding the platform’s features can significantly impact your trading success.

Which Is Better – SurgeTrader or FTMO?

Each trading firm offers distinct features that cater to traders of diverse backgrounds and preferences.

Find out more below as we examine each platform’s offerings, giving you insight and helping you make an informed decision about which one aligns most effectively with your trading requirements.


SurgeTrader, a well-established presence in the world of proprietary trading, offers traders a platform to demonstrate their trading prowess and access substantial capital for engaging in financial market activities.

With a diverse array of trading programs customized to suit various trading styles and experience levels, SurgeTrader caters to a wide spectrum of traders, ranging from newcomers to seasoned experts.

SurgeTrader possesses several strengths that make it particularly suitable for traders seeking a simplified evaluation process, a clear and upfront fee structure, and flexibility in trading styles.

Firstly, SurgeTrader’s evaluation process is designed to streamline the path for traders to secure funding, making it accessible and efficient. Additionally, the platform provides a transparent fee structure, ensuring that traders are fully aware of the costs involved, which can be crucial for effective financial planning.

Lastly, SurgeTrader offers traders the flexibility to adopt various trading styles, accommodating both novice traders looking to hone their skills and experienced professionals seeking to diversify their trading strategies.

These attributes collectively contribute to SurgeTrader’s appeal as a platform that caters to traders who prefer straightforward evaluations, cost transparency, and diverse trading approaches.


FTMO distinguishes itself as an optimal choice for traders who value a comprehensive two-step evaluation program, a diverse array of tradable assets, and more stringent trading rules.

Their two-step evaluation process provides traders with a thorough and methodical approach to demonstrating their skills, ensuring a robust evaluation before receiving funding. It also offers a broad spectrum of tradable assets, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios and explore various markets, enhancing their trading opportunities.

Notably, FTMO implements rigorous trading rules and risk management practises, emphasizing a disciplined trading approach. This stringent adherence to trading guidelines can be particularly attractive to traders who prioritize risk mitigation and a well-regulated trading environment.

Together, these attributes position FTMO as an appealing choice for traders seeking a comprehensive evaluation, asset diversity, and a disciplined trading framework.

The Pros and Cons of SurgeTrader and FTMO

SurgeTrader has different packages for traders of all skill levels, starting with the Starter Package, which gives you $25,000 in funding and requires a 10% profit target. This package is good for beginners who want a less risky account. They offer funded traders 75% of the profits they make if they meet certain trading criteria.

As well as the Starter Package, SurgeTrader also offers higher-tier packages with larger funding sizes and profit splits for more experienced traders. You only need to pass one phase of their evaluation process to get funded.

The examination cost can be relatively high for SurgeTrader, which might pose a financial challenge for some traders.

SurgeTrader also imposes a daily loss limit of no more than 5% and a maximum allowable loss of up to 4%.

On the other hand, FTMO has a more complex evaluation process that consists of three steps. The testing cost is relatively affordable at just €155 and they provide a generous starting reward of 80% of profits earned.

One of its notable strengths is the diversity of tariff plans. These plans cater to a wide spectrum of trading styles, spanning from standard to more aggressive approaches, accommodating traders with varying risk tolerances and objectives.

Although you have to meet profit targets within certain time frames in these steps to qualify for funded trading accounts ranging from $10,000 to $400,000.

FTMO specializes in currency trading and offers a wide range of currency pairs and cryptocurrencies to trade, along with other assets like indices and commodities. They also provide free access to popular trading platforms.

Final Note

In summary, FTMO offers a more comprehensive and structured evaluation process with lower testing costs and a generous starting reward of 80%. It caters primarily to currency trading and provides a range of trading platforms. However, its complex evaluation process and focus on currencies may not be suitable for traders seeking simplicity.

On the other hand, SurgeTrader offers a simplified evaluation process and flexible funding that accommodates a variety of trading styles and provides access to different asset types, although it does come with higher exam costs and stricter trading conditions, including daily drawdowns and leverage limitations.

FTMO may be a better fit for traders looking for a structured evaluation process and a focus on currency trading, while SurgeTrader can be attractive to traders seeking flexibility. The choice between them, however, should always align with your trading preferences, experience level, and priorities. At Forex Prop Coupons, we compare some of the best trading firms. Explore the most popular firms today.

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