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If you’re seeking to excel in the world of proprietary trading or are simply curious about the top players in this dynamic industry, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will shed some light on the criteria that matter most when evaluating prop trading companies, helping you make informed decisions about where to kickstart or advance your trading career.

Prop trading, aka ‘proprietary trading’, has gained significant popularity as an investment method. This has led to numerous firms entering this growing sector of the financial industry.

Proprietary trading firms can be a fantastic option, but finding a platform that deals in assets you’re comfortable with and operates under conditions that match your preferences can be a challenge.

There are so many prop trading firms out there that it can be hard to decide which one is the best fit for you.

We bring you this blog for your convenience – to make this task easier for you. Whether you are new to the prop trading market or an experienced trader, we have information that can be useful for all. Read on to find our list of well-known prop trading firms for you to consider.

How Do Prop Trading Firms Work?

Prop trading firms provide undercapitalized traders with the opportunity to trade with large amounts of capital. As a prop trader, you don’t need a huge investment to begin trading.

This means that any money made from trades within a prop firm is split between the prop firm and the trader. Different firms will have different profit splits, with some up to 90/10. This is different from traditional brokerage firms in that they don’t primarily facilitate client trades.

To mitigate risk, firms require traders to complete an assessment before they can access a funded trading account.

Since proprietary trading uses the firm’s own money rather than funds belonging to clients, prop traders can take on greater levels of risk without having to answer to clients.

If you possess the skills to trade successfully and navigate market trends, these firms can accelerate your path towards financial independence.

The Top 5 Prop Trading Firms

Let’s delve into our rankings of the best prop trading firms. With a multitude of options available, understanding the key factors that set these firms apart is crucial.

Read on to uncover the leading prop trading firms in the market, providing you with valuable insights to help you steer your trading career towards success.


FXIFY is a proprietary trading firm where traders can undertake an assessment in order to gain access to a funded account, fitting every kind of trading style and level. Earn profit your way, with FXIFY.

FXIFY understands that no two traders are the same, which is why they have two different challenges to fit every style and level.

Both challenges are customizable, meaning you can tailor your account to match your preferences and trading style. You can increase your capital, increase your profit split to up to 90%, and much more.

The FXIFY one-phase program is perfect for traders looking to boost their capital rapidly. In this program. They call this the “1 Phase.” Traders can access capital once they’ve successfully met specific trading goals in a single assessment.

The FXIFY two-phase program is designed for traders who show consistent discipline across two assessments. First, you reach the objectives in the initial assessment. Then, you proceed to the second assessment before gaining access to trading capital.

FXIFY identifies talented traders who exhibit focus and discipline as well as consistent profitability in financial markets. Discover the assessment procedure and begin your path to success as a trader with this firm. You can start trading and begin your journey to success as a prop trader with FXIFY today.

2 – Fidelcrest

Fidelcrest is a proprietary trading evaluation and funding program designed to help traders access capital and potentially grow their trading careers. Fidelcrest understands the frustrations traders face, they are proprietary trader elevators, providing all retail traders the ability to access larger capital.

The evaluation process at Fidelcrest typically operates by evaluating, profit sharing, risk management, educational resources, and payouts.

3 – FTMO

FTMO meaning ‘Funding for Traders and Mentoring Opportunities’ is a proprietary trading firm that offers funding to traders, primarily in the forex market.

By establishing a global fund centered around retail traders, FTMO provides investors with a diversified portfolio while empowering traders to pursue financial independence.

4 – Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus is for underfunded traders who have the talent but lack the funds. The experts who work for Funded Trading Plus have the technical ability and reliable skills to help you get paid.

They offer funding of up to $200,000 for talented traders who lack capital, and they provide a dashboard to track account performance.

5 – Funding Pips

Founded in 2022, this Dubai-based prop firm is making its mark in a dynamic industry filled with opportunities and obstacles. Funding Pips is a trading solution engineered not solely for profit but also as a safeguard against the complex realm of financial scams.

Traders are at risk from lots of potential hazards. Funding Pips is more than a trading platform; it is committed to the welfare of its traders.

What sets this company apart is its dedication to providing traders with a complete platform to navigate the intricacies of trading.

Funding Pips has a clear vision: to help traders overcome funding hurdles. They’ve created a platform that combines innovation and transparency.

Find The Right Prop Trading Firm Today

It’s important to note that each proprietary trading evaluation and funding program may have its own unique features, requirements, and terms.

Traders interested in participating in such programs should conduct thorough research, read and understand the program’s guidelines, and assess whether it aligns with their trading goals and strategy.

Funded trading accounts are worth it if you are willing to learn from experienced traders and develop your trading skills.

Through a proficiently funded trading program, you not only gain access to the necessary capital for trading but also have the opportunity to learn from seasoned traders and refine your skills, all while enjoying a consistent income.

Discover the top prop trading firm with Forex Prop Coupons right now. We’ve created an extensive scoring system that considers over 700 factors, aligning with our readers’ preferences and our 30+ years of industry expertise.

Our system is crafted for customer support and to elevate your trading journey. Explore the best prop firms today for an enhanced trading experience.

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