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If you’re a trader looking for funded trading opportunities, there are two notable prop firms that you should consider: FundedNext and FTMO. Although they both offer trading accounts and funded options, there are some crucial differences between the two. In this article, we’ll explore those differences in detail to help you make an informed decision.

When comparing FundedNext and FTMO, it’s important to evaluate their unique features and benefits of both proprietary trading firms. Understanding these differences can be instrumental in choosing the platform that aligns with your trading goals and preferences.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into various aspects, including profit shares and evaluation stages, tradable assets, educational tools, and customer support. By the end, you’ll have a clear picture of what FundedNext and FTMO have to offer, allowing you to make an informed choice for your trading journey.

Profit Shares and Evaluation Stages

One of the key factors to consider when comparing FundedNext and FTMO is the profit-sharing structure. FTMO offers competitive profit splits that can greatly benefit traders, allowing them to maximize their earnings. With FTMO, traders have the potential to earn a larger portion of their profits, making it an attractive choice for those who are skilled and experienced.

On the other hand, FundedNext has a profit-sharing structure that may be more suitable for novice traders. While the profit splits may not be as high as what FTMO offers, FundedNext provides a more accessible opportunity for beginner traders to get started with funded trading accounts. This can be particularly beneficial for those who are just starting out and looking to gain experience and build their trading skills.

In addition to profit shares, the evaluation stages are another important aspect to consider. FundedNext has a simplified, two-step evaluation process that makes it relatively easier for traders to progress and qualify for a funded account. 

Meanwhile, FTMO incorporates a more thorough evaluation phase to test a trader’s skills and ensure they meet the required criteria. This comprehensive evaluation process can help identify traders who are truly ready to trade with a funded account and can handle the challenges of prop trading.

Tradable Assets and Educational Tools

When it comes to choosing a proprietary trading platform, the range of tradable assets is an important consideration. For forex traders, both FundedNext and FTMO offer opportunities to trade currency pairs. However, FTMO goes a step further by providing a wider selection of assets including futures and other instruments. This allows traders to diversify their portfolio and potentially explore different trading strategies.

In addition to the variety of assets, educational tools play a crucial role in a trader’s success. FTMO stands out in this aspect by offering a comprehensive suite of educational resources. Traders can access webinars, eBooks, and join an active community of like-minded individuals. These resources provide valuable insights, strategies, and support to enhance trading skills and knowledge.

Forex Trading and Asset Selection

While FundedNext focuses primarily on forex trading, it provides basic educational resources suitable for beginner traders. The platform aims to equip traders with the foundational knowledge needed to navigate the forex market effectively. Although the educational tools may not be as extensive as those offered by FTMO, they serve as a great starting point for aspiring traders.

Ultimately, the choice between FundedNext and FTMO depends on your specific trading goals and preferences. If you are primarily focused on forex trading and prefer a simplified approach, FundedNext may be a suitable option. However, if you value a broader range of tradable assets and comprehensive educational resources, FTMO offers a more diverse and robust trading experience.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, both FundedNext and FTMO strive to assist traders with their prop trading journey. FTMO is known for its exceptional customer service, providing a highly supportive team that offers detailed reviews and guidance on trading conditions. Their prompt and in-depth assistance ensures traders can navigate any challenges they may encounter.

FundedNext also offers adequate customer support, although it may not provide the same level of immediate and in-depth assistance as FTMO. While their customer service team is available to address queries and concerns, the response time may vary. It is important to consider your individual needs and preferences regarding customer support when choosing a prop trading platform.


In conclusion, both FundedNext and FTMO have their own strengths and weaknesses. Traders should carefully evaluate their requirements and consider factors such as profit shares, evaluation stages, tradable assets, educational tools, customer support and a risk management strategy. 

By doing so, you can make an informed decision and select the prop trading platform that aligns with your goals and trading style. Remember, it’s essential to choose a platform that offers the necessary resources and support to help you thrive in the dynamic world of prop trading.

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